Experience Roadmap
What’s On Deck?Upcoming FeaturesIn the coming months, we are going to deepen the Candy experience for all of our customers, die-hard baseball fans and savvy digital asset traders alike.
  • Launch Secondary Marketplace
    • Buy / Sell NFTs
    • Transfer Cash Out
    • Transaction History
  • International Payments
  • Crypto Payments
  • Customize “My Collection” Experience
  • Share Full Collections & Showcases
  • Custodial Wallet Integration
  • Bridge to Ethereum
  • Full Community Experience
    • Badging
    • Collector Scores
    • Favoriting
  • Candy Loyalty Program
  • Collection / Set Challenges & Rewards
  • In-Stadium Experiences
  • NFT Dynamic Stats
  • Keep Checking Back to See What’s Coming-up Next!
Up Next
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